We’ve been busy at Eastside these past few months! So busy the blog was a little neglected again, I apologize. But we’re building something that will make our communications have more impact for the future, and we’re so grateful to you for being a part of it from the get-go.
So we have a new logo for our new operating name! You’ve probably seen it, but we’re rather proud of it, so here it is again:

We wanted to ensure that clients, volunteers, and donors who want to be a part of our mission can tell what it is we do. Our previous name and logo served us well, but by invoking our East Fort Worth identity and incorporating our mission into the name and visual elements, people (hopefully) won’t still get us confused with the churches on either side of us!
In addition to this little face lift, we are also working on putting together some great materials to share with you regarding our strategic plan for the next three years, and how we plan to be a part of the forward motion for the Lancaster corridor in the months and years to come. We would love for our entire Eastside community to be a part of this, and you can be a part of that! If you could start talking with your neighbors about what we do and help share some of the exciting developments we have going on, that will go a long way toward helping us roll out this next phase of growth.
We are serving more clients than ever before. In May, we reached 622 households–those are our Thanksgiving numbers during a BUSY year! We are able to do this because we are ordering more and more food from Tarrant Area Food Bank, and we’ve also begun a relationship with the Community Food Bank on Galvez, who supplies our homeless food. We still get donations from our five grocers, but those donations alone won’t cover our needs any longer. We’re also able to process more clients daily due to our recent change in intake software. Our current program is much more efficient, and Cynthia and Vertie are able to see significantly more clients each day. This is great news!
There are some very exciting facts we’ve learned through switching to Charity Tracker, and you might be excited to share this info, too:
* We have an annual budget for 2018 of $129,000. In 2017 we served 22,800 clients. That means, all things being equal, we spend less that $1.50 per client for the entire year.
* Based on IRS valuations of retail cost for service provided, we are running an average retail service value of $546 per household EACH VISIT. Many of our households visit us every month.
* By those numbers, we provide a retail service value of over $3 million annually to our East Fort Worth community!

Where else can $1.50 do so much? And what can we do with more? We hope you’ll continue this journey with us to find out. And from all of us at Eastside, please accept our deepest gratitude for your commitment. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

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