Long time no see, neighbor! Here’s a fresh blog post for the soon-to-be official beginning of spring!
The weather is getting warmer, everything is getting greener, and there’s a great energy in the air. At Eastside, that energy has us buzzing with activity! We are participating in an event called A Community Thrives this year, a unique funding opportunity that could earn us grant funds. We created a crowdfund donation page at the following link on the CrowdRise platform:
Based on the participation level of our crowd-based fundraiser, we could win a fan favorite award of $25k, and there are up to $200k in other grants we are eligible for based on our application and the success of our donation page! If you could share this link with all of your networks, it will have a HUGE impact on our overall success. Remember, personal touches go a long way!

We are also hosting a Spring Fling Open House on Saturday, April 14, from 11-1. We’ll have lunch, tours of the facility, and entertainment for the whole family. We hope you’ll come have lunch with us, and please bring your neighbors! More details will be coming soon. This is going to be a fun event that will make for a great introduction to our organization for our neighbors who aren’t familiar with us just yet. It should be very exciting, and we hope to see y’all there!
There are two main things I’m focusing on this season. One of those things I’m focusing on this season is reinvesting in our staff and volunteers through training and education. I’m working on some initiatives to help keep our staff up-to-date on best practices in the nonprofit sector, and building our volunteer program in order to honor the incredible donation of time and dedication that our volunteers provide.
The other is facilities maintenance and improvement. We have several projects ranging from no-sweat to bring-a-crew to help make the most of our facility. If you’d like to help support these efforts, feel free to donate via our CrowdRise page, make a standard donation, or talk with me about ways to get involved!

Until next time, Eastsiders!

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