The first few crisp mornings of fall always give me a much-needed boost of energy at the end of our hot, dragging summers. It seems like we don’t get this transition until closer and closer to the holidays each year, but I’m starting to feel that little crackle of excitement that signals the celebrations in the months to come. I may have even gone a little overboard baking this weekend–but that’s not such a bad problem to have!
This morning when I pulled up at Eastside, there were clients lined up and seated in the parking lot, waiting for 9:00 to roll around. This is pretty normal, but (other than that all-too-brief snap we had in September) it was the first morning of the season that our clients were bundled up in hats, coats, and scarves.

Often we associate Monday mornings with things going wrong, but as I walked in this morning, a client asked for a trash bag so he could bag up all the litter he had collected around our yard. It was a small gesture, but a tremendous reminder that we are all part of a greater community here in East Fort Worth. I hope I can continue the ripple effect of that kind act throughout our community today.
One important way we can all continue that ripple is by cleaning out our closets and looking for cold weather clothes and blankets for our clients. I enjoy the crisp weather we’re having, but it wouldn’t be quite so pleasant to be stuck outside without being bundled up. If you have items to share, please bring them to the brown door between 9-12 M-F. And do stop by the office to say hi, we love the visits!
Until next time, Eastsiders.
(I’m also including the link to the HoneyBaked Ham fundraiser to make it easy to find: )

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