Eastside Ministries was created to bring dignity to our sisters and brothers who, because of systematic, institutionalized, and permitted, corrupt and racist systems, policies, and mindsets, are victims of systems that create lack, degradation, poverty and dehumanization.

To this end, Eastside MInistries condemns racism and classism, and all manifestations of inequality in the world, the United States, Texas, and East Ft. Worth.

The murder of George Floyd was heinous and evil.  We pray for  his family and friends, that they may find the comfort they so desperately need.

Eastside Ministries will continue to aspire to be a beacon of hope to all who have a need.  Furthermore, we will institute policies and procedures that affirm the worth and self-esteem of all.

We thank our Partner churches for their support, prayers, and donations of time, money, and personnel in the unified goal of serving our neighbors.

We are still in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, so we continue to urge our Board to be safe and always consider your well-being and that of your families.  Do not feel pressured to attend any meetings or gatherings that make you uncomfortable about your safety.

Finally, let us, in one accord, do all we can to bear one another’s burdens and be a change agent in this city to attain equity for all.

You are a blessing to your Churches, and a blessing to Eastside Ministries.


Rev. Denise Blakely A.M.

Associate Pastor, Meadowbrook-Poly UMC

President, Board of Trustees Eastside Ministries

Acting Executive Director,  Eastside Ministries



While attempting not to melt in this sweltering heat, have you been thinking, "I wish I had an exciting new committee to join that would positively impact my community?" Well, have I got just what you’re looking for! We have two major projects that we’re looking for help with.

The first is Hunger Action Month (September). We’re looking to put together a slate of activities and a raffle to keep our community engaged with the fight against food insecurity. If you’d like to help us plan events, spread the word, and/or help us gather resources, give me a shout!

The second is a biggie. It’s our event committee for our new annual event, launching in April. We are working to put together a Top Chef style cooking competition utilizing only food pantry ingredients. There are a lot of elements to putting together an event of this nature, so we will have a spot on the team whether you’re a details person or a big picture dreamer. We need to figure out logistics, assemble the needed resources (people, location, etc.), create a vision for decor, and publicize the event. If this sounds like something you’d like to create with us, reach out ASAP so we can get a meeting scheduled. This event is going to be big not just for ECA, but for the whole Eastside community–and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Just think, this could be you!
Until next time, Eastsiders!

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