After months of providing food to an increasing number of East Fort Worth residents struggling financially during the pandemic, Eastside board members wanted to help supply parents with Christmas gifts for their children this year.  To do so, the board planned a pre-Christmas toy giveaway, to allow each parent to choose 2 toys for each of their children, up to a total of 100 children age 12 and under.  Thanks to unexpectedly generous donations of toys and of money earmarked to buy toys, Eastside was able to provide toys for over 200 children, twice as many as planned, before Christmas.  Toys that were provided included dolls, action figures, games, puzzles, books, stuffed animals, and other types of fun items for children.  Any toys not given out before Christmas will be available when Eastside reopens in January.  Board members and staff hope to be able to expand the toy giveaway next year.

THANK YOU to all the people who generously gave of their money and their time to help brighten the holiday for so many parents and children.



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