FWISD Family Action Center Staff

Helping to load the truck

The Eastern Hills High School pyramid schools joined forces to collect more than 10,000 items of food for east side families in need this holiday season.  The 12 school principals (shown in the first photo with a small part of the donated food) enlisted the help of students, families, and faculty to collect the food in less than two weeks.  The FWISD Family Action Center, directed by Charles Hodges, arranged for the food to be donated to Eastside Community Assistance (formerly Eastside Ministries).  Eastside serves thousands of east side families and individuals living within the Eastern Hills and Dunbar attendance zones.  Helping to fill the Eastside truck to overflowing were students and adult members of the My Brothers’ Keeper initiative led by Rickie Clark, along with Eastern Hills basketball players.  Eastside board members estimate that the food will help to support food-insecure east side families well into January.  Schools participating in the event included Eastern Hills High School, middle schools Meadowbrook, Handley, and McClung, and elementary schools Sagamore Hill, Meadowbrook, Eastern Hills, West Handley, East Handley, Atwood-McDonald, Bill J. Elliott, and Lowery Road.

Denise Blakely, Eastside Board President and Executive Director, thanked Mr. Hodges for leading the successful food drive and for choosing Eastside to receive the food.  The following is part of her statement about the event: “Members of the Eastside Board were at the high school and witnessed the joy on the faces of the principals, staff members, and students as they gave from their hearts to address the needs of their neighbors.  As we fulfill our promise to help all we can with all we have, we are grateful and thank Charles Hodges and the schools of East Fort Worth for their beautiful example of giving.”

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