Eastside will be closed for the entire week of Thanksgiving, that is, November 23 through November 27.  We will also be closed for the week of Christmas, that is, December 21 through 25 and the following week, December 28 through January 1.

Eastside will be open as usual on Veterans’ Day, November 11.

Clients who want to pick up the extra groceries for Thanksgiving dinner or for Christmas dinner must sign up by November 13.  People who want to donate money to help make this possible must have their donations turned in by November 12.  Those who want to donate a bag of groceries or a turkey must have them turned in by November 13.  Please see holiday food News story for additional information about this program, including a list of specific food items.  Clients who have signed up on time may pick up the extra groceries either November 16 – 20 or December 14 – 18, but not both.

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