While attempting not to melt in this sweltering heat, have you been thinking, "I wish I had an exciting new committee to join that would positively impact my community?" Well, have I got just what you’re looking for! We have two major projects that we’re looking for help with.

The first is Hunger Action Month (September). We’re looking to put together a slate of activities and a raffle to keep our community engaged with the fight against food insecurity. If you’d like to help us plan events, spread the word, and/or help us gather resources, give me a shout!

The second is a biggie. It’s our event committee for our new annual event, launching in April. We are working to put together a Top Chef style cooking competition utilizing only food pantry ingredients. There are a lot of elements to putting together an event of this nature, so we will have a spot on the team whether you’re a details person or a big picture dreamer. We need to figure out logistics, assemble the needed resources (people, location, etc.), create a vision for decor, and publicize the event. If this sounds like something you’d like to create with us, reach out ASAP so we can get a meeting scheduled. This event is going to be big not just for ECA, but for the whole Eastside community–and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Just think, this could be you!
Until next time, Eastsiders!

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