Eligibility and Procedure

You need to be entered into our client database, and you must specifically request the holiday food.  You may do both on the same day if you are not already in the database.  You must live in one of the four ZIP codes that Eastside normally serves: 76103, 76105, 76112, or 76120.  You may sign up for holiday dinner groceries from October 19 through November 13 only.  You will need to tell your intake agent whether you  want to pick up your holiday groceries the week before Thanksgiving week or the week before Christmas week.  The agent will give you a unique ticket, which you must keep and turn in to the person who gives out the holiday food.  Holiday groceries can be picked up any day of the week of November 16 through November 20 for Thanksgiving or any day of the week of December 14 through December 18 for Christmas.  Holiday food for Christmas will be given out through the garage door in the back, as in previous years.  You must still wear a mask to be served, due to the continuing pandemic.

What Foods You Will Receive

You will receive a frozen turkey and the groceries to make all the side dishes to go with it.  As always, Eastside gives out the items that are donated or sold to us.  We try to ensure that families receive groceries of equal value by specifying a list of foods for our donors.  Some bags may contain additional items.  We hope everyone’s meal will be a blessing to them and their family.

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