Latest News

End of Weather-Related Closing

Eastside will re-open Monday, February 22 at 8AM, regardless of whether schools are open.  Remember that children are not allowed to enter the building.    

Community Assistance from our Community

The Eastern Hills High School pyramid schools joined forces to collect more than 10,000 items of food for east side families in need this holiday season.  The 12 school principals (shown in the first photo with a small part of the donated…

New Operating Hours

Eastside's operating hours have changed because of an increase in number of clients.  We are now beginning to see clients at 8:00 AM.  We will stop sign-ins at 11:00 for everyone, so that clients can complete the process of signing in, receiving…

Updated Procedures at Eastside

COVID-19 is still affecting Eastside's operating procedures.  We have now returned to having all clients check in through the office door (near Putnam Street), including people who want groceries only or clothing only or both groceries and…

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